Thursday, October 27, 2011

Well it sure has been a LONG time since I posted anything! I couldn't remember how to go directly to my blog, and had to google my name and sign in.
Here is a crazy attempt to catch you up: Last year I taught Art Appreciation at Bishop State Community College, and loved it. I took the summer off and played with Finn, visited California and applied for a job with the City teaching art at a community center.  It seemed like a perfect job to me. ...I could help a high school student get their portfolio together as well as help someone who always wanted to learn to paint...learn to paint.  It took three months but...I got the job! My title is ' Art Specialist I' and weirdly and wonderfully the job is everything I imagined, and more, I get to meet lots of interesting people,teach a variety of people art,learn from other Artists,wonderful park setting, and as an extra bonus, my coworkers are wonderful, talented, funny and interesting people. I have painted a little bit  in my new work studio, but haven't photographed anything so that is part of why I am posting this and am determined to get back into a weekly really helps me document my work. The above photo is from a workshop that I taught at the Eastern Shore Art Center, these were not finished, but its the only one I had where everyone's painting is in one shot. The goal of this workshop was to conquer shiny, metal,and it was really fun. Amazing people in this class. Hope you are counting your blessings.