Friday, May 21, 2010

shrimper. Lydia host daily paintings.

I have been wanting to go paint some shrimp boats for months, and now with this horrible oil spill in the Gulf it seems bittersweet to paint them. I love the old style, they are so curvy and swank even though they are sort of humble at the same time. Hope you have a good weekend. Lydia

Thursday, May 20, 2010

fishtooth. Lydia host

Mary Elizabeth and I painted this fish together today....and we both kept sighing with pleasure, the joy of painting fish continues! This is a Sheepshead (?) and it has little teeth that look like baby teeth...icky, but a great fish to paint. I am teaching a class tonight and I am bringing the fish as our still life...can't wait to see the reaction, but I know the paintings will be great! Hope you are having good spring weather where you are, it makes things seem so much more positive. Best, Lydia
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Class work...

Two views of the same piece. This is probably my favorite from this last Semester, because it combines my desire to work figuratively, in a two and three dimensional way at the same time. I hope to make some more along these lines in my class this summer. I read about an artist that makes really big pieces by covering the leading edge with saran wrap and then adding more the next the uncovered part dries enough to support more weight without sagging. Oh how I love clay! If you have the urge, please try it....I don't think any other medium is as satisfying and dare I say..grounding to work with.:)

Monday, May 17, 2010

post show.

It was a very rainy day. My street was unpassable with a regular car...but still people came! And so I had a nice turnout for my reception. Thanks to all who swam out, and don't worry if you didn't make it, my Capstone show in November is where I'll be needing you. This picture was taken at the end of the reception by photographer, Mr. Robert. My dear husband and child were troopers and stayed the whole time, which was a really long time, because I had the time wrong, and so we were an hour early, and stayed an hour longer- thanks wacky Mom! All in all a very pleasant experience. I hope you had a great weekend! Back to painting! Lydia

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last Class. Lydia Host daily painting.

Today was the last class for my beginning Oil painting class, and we met at the Battleship Pavillion, so that they could have a little Plein Aire' was great! (extremely windy...but great). Above are some shots of this great group, with their first ever lanscape from life! Joan E. Whitespunner-Dixon also joined us, which was inspiring and fun for everyone. I have had such a wonderful time teaching this class, and it is totally because of the fabulous people that I have gotten to know. It is good to paint with a group, it gives some perspective on your own work, and when it's a good mix of people, as this group is, everyone sort of bounces off of each other in the best of ways. Thanks 301 !

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lou Blue. Lydia Host daily painting

Yesterday I painted a flower in a jar and had to wipe it down and start over three times. I painted this one on a skinny board that has the hanger already embedded in the back, I really like the skinny format for the flower in a jar paintings, maybe because it forces me to fill up the space. I wrote a big paper last week on Camille Claudel, who was a female sculptor that worked with Rodin, and was quite fantastic. She was a pioneer for women in the arts just by pursuing her craft at a time when women were not even allowed to attend art school. I read one of her biographies titled ' A Life' by Odile Ayral-Clause, it is a very moving story and an interesting read, if you are looking for some summer reading! Google her name under images and check out her beautiful work. Lydia
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Here is an edited version of the Mission statement of the Church where my art is displayed this month; The Artists Space at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer serves as an arts ministry to the congregation and to the community. The arts for both Artist and viewer are connected with spirituality and the religious in three ways. First their power in connecting and creating meaning takes people out of the ordinary into a sacred time and space where they can experience the world and themselves differently. Next, the power and beauty of art can open doors to the joys and wonders created by God. Thirdly, creating and viewing art induces the same brain wave patterns as prayer, and thus can be a seen as a wordless form of prayer. Our intent is to provide works of a pleasing aesthetic and beauty where the congregation gathers, in an effort to reach out to the community.
Isn't that a nice way to look at art? The title of this post is a link to their website, where you can find directions and other details about this church. It is located on the corner of Cody and Hitt roads....turn on Cody off of Airport and go about a mile..on right is Hitt road. 2-4pm Sunday.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Portrait com.

I am not finished with this little guy yet...but I really like him so far! Can I maintain the looseness and yet still refine? Tomorrow will tell. There is a local Episcopal Church that has an art gallery; they enjoy having local artists display work and I was asked last minute for May, and because I like their philosophy, and I have enough work, I said yes. They are throwing a little reception for me this coming Sunday (16th) with wine and cheese, from 2-4pm. I hope if you live near by you will come! More details to come this week. Lydia
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Thursday, May 6, 2010


I feel funny writing on this's been so long. I have been busy finishing up my classes this semester, which really took a lot focus and energy for me this time. I wanted to share this piece with you. I had to give a presentation in my Art history class that related to one of the artists that we have studied, as well as to our individual studies and careers. The artists that we have been learning about are Feminine artists who make art that challenges the patriarchal society that we live in, and is sometimes, well most times, not 'pretty'! I really responded to many of these artists, such as Marina Abromovitz, Ann Hamilton, Cindy Shermam,but style wise I felt that Kiki Smith could really work for me, so I chose her. So I stewed over how I would interpret her. In my ceramics class we were assigned the task of interpreting a 'famous' 2D work in clay. Well I think I overheard someone planning to do the 'Birth of Venus' , because I am not sure how I came up with it and another girl in ceramics made a shell that was inspired from same. I didn't go back and look at the painting.....its so famous, surely I know what it looks like in my mind..I just started making Venus and her shell...and .....what else? Well I thought she probably had admirers so as I was making one...her head just wouldn't work...and it became a fish head...SO Kiki Smith...ah Ha! My Venus was just refusing to be young and pretty, which worked to my advantage after all, because this is 'the Winter of Venus'....not so young and pretty anymore, and doesn't really care! her admirer that is part fish also has a fishy tail. Venus was plucked from the sea in Botticelli's painting by Zephyr and some other goddess, in my version...maybe they are going back. It definitely has something to do with beauty and aging...of that I am pretty sure. Wow...Long post! Thank you for sticking it out. Lydia