Thursday, February 25, 2010

simple rituals . Lydia Host daily painting a day 6x6

This morning in class, I was telling my students that a painting of three pears just can't be bad....silver bullet of subjects!
Of course there are some caveats, like they have to fill the space, touching three sides, etc. It started me thinking about the subjects that have a high success/satisfaction rate, here is my list; pears, cups, glass with single flower, figures....pretty short list!
Its a work in progress.
These subjects are grounding in the sense that they provide interesting shadows and negative space automatically, leaving the artist to play with color and value.
Two cents.

Monday, February 22, 2010

study. Lydia Host daily painting

I painted the lovely 'Louis' with some other Artists this morning. It was fun to arrange her and create the scenario. I painted like mad to get something, and then had to partially wipe down, because of silly mistakes. I think I will slow down a bit next time and see if that helps. I can't wait to do it again. I have had some trouble lately keeping my daily paintings going, I am painting every day, its just that I have been trying to finish a couple of big paintings, and my school schedule is pretty demanding, time, time, time is fleeting. I am reading 'The Agony and the Ecstasy' by Irving Stone, about Michelangelo, and it has made me realise that to be creative, a person has to have lots of time to practice their craft. Michelangelo worked sixteen hours a day for four years on the Sistine chapel ceiling. Best,
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Monday, February 15, 2010

heads up. lydia host daily

At a party this weekend, someone asked me if I were working in clay again....which I am, sort of. Well anyway her point was that she wanted one of these heads for her sisters birthday. So I asked if she wanted male or female...female, so they came out male for some contrary reason. I will try again tomorrow! I used to make these and sell them with a group of women clay/potters called "The Dirty Girls". It was a fun group spearheaded by Vikki Finch and Bertice Mcpherson. Vikki is currently using her super powers to inspire lucky students at a local private school. Bertice is also teaching at a local university and from her studio, and also making her art, click on her name and check out her site, she is amazing, and a great person to boot. About ten years ago the three of us went to Mississippi for a pyro-mania festival, and they had exhibits were we got to make glass beads, and a molded smelted metal piece, I remember being so totally impressed with what both of these gals came up with on the fly artistically speaking. True artist'e.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Courage. lydia host daily painting a day

Sometimes I have to indulge myself and paint a face that appeals to me. This is Cynthia again, the cool River guide. It photographed weird, but still looks kind of interesting so I'm leaving it for now. Yesterday I had a 'theme day', this happens occasionally and I love it when I actually notice. Last week I went to a gallery opening at Springhill College for Clayton Colvin, who is a really interesting and good artist (show is still there-worth a trip), in his talk he mentioned that sometimes he feels as though a painting really gets resolved when he is able to paint out something that though he likes, doesn't really enhance the piece. I was relating this idea to my painting class yesterday, and my friend and currently my student, Laura said; " oh, that happens in writing too, its called 'killing your darling", like when you love a sentence, but it does nothing for the story!" "Killing your darling". This idea came up again later in my ceramics class that I am taking... in clay you really have to be able to kill your darlings, because many times they kill themselves by blowing up in the kiln or glaze mishaps. I am sure that this idea is universally applicable, if you can think of any examples, let me know...just curious....really curious. Happy weekend to you. Lydia

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

seated figure. lydia host daily painting

Another watercolor from Saturday. Today I had lunch with my friend Renee Wallace, who co-owns "Paint Party", she is so full of energy and is funny and talented, sweet,kind and generous....if you ever have a hankering to just up and paint a picture, or want to have a super fun birthday party or girls night out, go to her shop, or book a will have fun, I guarantee it! best, Lydia
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Monday. I went to figure drawing downtown on Saturday morning, and it was wonderful, model, and other artist wise. I took only drawing and a little bit of watercolor materials. It was a relaxing, and yet invigorating way to start the day. We are taking longer poses in this group, which is nice, especially if I get a good angle and can stop, and not over work....always a challenge. Last week my four year old was in a mini Mardi Gras Parade in his preSchool, and then this weekend he was in another that a neighborhood puts on every year. My husband and I made the Wednesday float, which was to be on a wagon, and our theme was 'Hickory Dickory Dock'. For the Sunday parade our theme was 'Sponge Bob' and our assignment was to paint something on an 8x8 board for the back of the float. I am putting a picture of each below, because believe me it took some 'art muscle'! I feel inordinately proud of the Sponge Bob thingy because, it is so not my style- and we painted it in about four hours. We are not really Mardi Gras people usually and so this has really been an unusual week for us, and frankly we are exhausted! Onward and upward! cheeers, Lydia
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

birthday surprise Lydia Host daily painting

I painted this little girl for her mother to give to her father as a birthday surprise. The colors are kind of blasted, but I couldn't get the light right on this one. Note to self...learn how to take better photos!
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Pear is square. Lydia Host daily painting a day 6x6

Back to an old favorite. Pears are like people, in that I never tire of painting them. I am gearing up to teach a beginning oil painting class that starts this Thursday morning down at Space 301, it is such a nice environment to view, and to make art, with the semi industrial feel still in the building. We started out with a blue sky this morning, and it just made me realise how much I appreciate that as a pleasant start to a busy week. Hope you got a little blue sky today where you are as well!