Monday, June 30, 2008

Coffee and Sympathy. Lydia Host oil on canvas 6x6.

I bought this little cup and saucer in Paris!!! wow - I had to buy a coffee maker and cups to drink out of in my little room. The other cup broke...they were from the equivalent of the 'Al's 5& 10' so I guess I'm lucky to have one still. There is a coffee shop in Venice beach Ca. called 'Coffee and sympathy' and I just have always loved that name ...two things one should never be without.


Anonymous said...

I love this one. Maybe it is the dots on the cup or maybe just that it came from Paris!

Kathryn Farrington

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite cup so far.The dots are a great value contrast. The highlights are well placed. Originating from Paris a big plus.
Weezie Bancroft Brabner.