Thursday, March 12, 2009

Out the train. Lydia Host daily painting a day 6x8

This is the view out the window of an open train car that we rode on in Cass West Virginia this summer. It was so green and then with all of the brown verticals-beautiful. I took lots of pictures with the intention of painting them...this was in July!
Tomorrow night Micheal's restaurant downtown will be open for the art walk, both Mary E. and I will be there, and plan to eat!! Please come eat as well, or just stop by and have a glass of wine!
Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough and Lydia Host often paint together in the studio as they work to create "a painting a day." Many of the images in this exhibition were painted by both artists working from the same still life set ups. Specifically, some of these set ups were aimed at capturing Michael Ivy's culinary specialties such as his red beans and rice and coconut cake. Both artists attempt to capture the sensual nature and visual beauty of food as well as the anticipation of eating something wonderful. Michael's Downtown is an ideal setting for the artwork as the restaurant conjures up smells and tastes that are nothing short of delicious. In the spirit of hospitality and celebration, the artists hope you will enjoy their pictures in the same way that you enjoy good food!

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Anonymous said...

Love this canvas! Can't wait to hang, it makes me relax and happy! Thanks Lydia, you are an amazing artist!