Monday, June 8, 2009

Charming. Lydia Host daily painting a day 8x8

Went Plein aire painting today, in Washington square Oakleigh district Mobile AL. Beautiful neighborhood with old houses, people out jogging and walking their was cool and shady. My painting buddies today were: Jami buck, Tracy Host, Joanne Brandt, and Laura Worsham, all who have blogs that are linked up to my my section over to the right titled 'bequiling blogs'.
The top piece is a watercolor that I started a long time ago and just finished...I think.


Jami Buck said...

I love this. I wish I could figure out how to paint that fast.

Joanne Brandt said...

Lovely house painting. I came home after not being able to get my paints to work today, and instead finished (I think) the live oak tree I started a couple of weeks ago in Washington Square. I'll post on my blog.