Thursday, April 1, 2010

Girl with the golden hoop. Lydia Host daily 8x10

I used a picture of a friends daugther for my inspiration...I just thought it was such a 'girl with a pearl earring' pose! I just had to paint doesn't look like her, but thats okay. I think that before you marry someone you should draw a picture of forces you to slow down and really see people...and almost everyone on close inspection is quite beautiful. Details that distingquish one human from another, are really not that great, but its those tiny details that we fall in love with in each other (well aside from the internal which is what we really fall in love with). lydia

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Bonnie Heather said...

I agree Lydia. I've just started doing portraits and I'm amazed at how much more I understand the person after painting them.
Nice painting today.