Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sparkles. 10x10

I have to admit to a very shallow desire of wishing that I had a daughter strictly in terms of being able to dress her! I realize that I would probably not get to do so for very long, but don't burst my bubble. While I have been attending soccer or basketball games, and band concerts, some of you have been watching twirls and leaps with sparkles. Wouldn't trade my boys for the world, but in terms of cute outfits girls win hands down! I have to live vicariously through my friends, and by painting as many cute little girls as possible. Best, Lydia
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Saaman said...

Wow the picture is really stunning. Very talented. I am impressed with the painting.

Regina said...

Gorgeous!! I love the radiant color & jewel tones in this one. Her eyes look like gemstones.

Anonymous said...

doesn't always work, my friend. My daughter played "T" ball, got hooked on riding horses and competing in horse shows, hated frilles. NO twirling