Monday, February 14, 2011

Just how I imagined it'd be 8x8

We had a lovely place to work, we had a beautiful model to paint, it was just how I imagined it would be... to be an 'Artist'. This morning I painted from a live model for two blissful hours. In this group we are painting from a single pose, which was very peaceful. It's been so long since I have posted on this blog, and I have waited...thinking that I might be able to resume' painting a day, but it looks like between my teaching at a local college, and my commissioned work, that I will have very limited time to paint what I choose. Naptime has become a rare occurance around here, so for now I will just post when I have something new, and perhaps next year when school gets started I can become a ' painting a day-er' again! best,
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Stephan said...

Amazing work... I really love your choice of color and composition!

conroy hudlow said...

lydia, just trying to see if I can leave a comment on your blog. having trouble with mine