Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blenko vase. Lydia Host Daily painting a day 6x6

My cousin Carol in West Virginia gave me this Blenko vase to paint. I didn't get to go to the shop where they make these trip! Obivously I didn't get to paint much while in West Virginia. There were no opportunities for me upload or post paintings! arrggh.

It was a very rigorous journey. Can you imagine we spent every other day on a giant tour bus (we did get off a lot) with a very active 2 year old? With forty assorted family members. We are so exhausted from our vacation. But it was like a National Geographic tour....we LEARNED about W. V......and it is a very interesting and beautiful state. I am so glad that my Dad got the hell out of there though! Coal mining was/is a hard life. I have new found respect for all of the men who do that...did you know that they we laying on their side in mines about three feet tall ?.... for 12 hours? ( well in drift mines that is).

Glad to be home.


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