Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A few essentials. Lydia Host painting a day6x8

Okay, I have two days of Mothers day out this week, today and tomorrow, so I painted like a mad woman today! I painted the peonies on Sunday actually, with Mary Elizabeth, her mother donated these flowers that were a center piece for a birthday, to the painting a day effort! Thanks Kay!. I certainly did not do them justice, but peonies are beautiful fluffy flowers that I will take on again. The still life was this afternoon Sharon, a friend of mine,needed to hang out for a couple of hours to avoid long drive home and then back to this area of town tonight, so she painted with me, and we painted the leftovers from my big still life. I really am happy if I can add Tabasco to something, and if I can have a Diet Coke so much the better. I really like the reflective surface of the can its fun to paint.

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