Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Flower girl. lydia host painting a day.


The top two paintings are what I have been working on with Mary Elizabeth on the weekend and also in my studio. I have been wanting to paint some 'meals' for a while, I used to paint still life's based on a particular recipe and really liked it. I LOVED working on these, they are 20x20 inches but in the same vein as my 6x6's have been. I was trying to explain it to a friend and came up with the analogy of ; jogging along and then getting to run full out, and how good it feels. They will be a part of a show that M.E. and I are thinking about. I will also post my current portrait and a large landscape that I am not quite finished with. The angel of the day today is just became what she wanted to be....she has got a lot of pizazz, she sort of looks like a twenties flapper girl. When I teach drawing, I always have one class where we work with clay, and every body's clay head develops its own personality, and it is fun to see how that happens, it is like they "become" with or without the intention of the artist!


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