Thursday, January 15, 2009

Figure drawing.

Last night at figure drawing we had a new model, she has a great face that I felt I did not capture, but will try again next time. Such sadness (even though I don't think she was sad!). I just used pencil and a little relaxing!
I will probably not post tomorrow as I am transporting art to a little show that Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough and I are in this weekend. It will be at the Unitarian Church of Fairhope AL. a very 'arty' church, they have a gallery that we be in for the next month, if you are over that way. The reception is Sat. from 3-5 pm. 1150 Fairhope AVE. I think you could stop by any time during business hours, and obviously on Sundays!
Hope you have a great weekend.
Have a great weekend.

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