Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lanscapes en plein aire.


Here are the two paintings that I painted last Thursday evening at the Five Rivers fundraiser. It was a really nice affair! My donated painting sold well, and I just had a fabulous time painting and chatting with the brave and curious. A long time ago I painted a rickety old pier in sunset, but that is the only time I have attempted the glorious colors of a setting sun. I think that there are some things that nature just does so splendidly...it seems silly to try and capture it. ( and if you did it would look like a velvet Elvis) So this one was nice and just peachy without the flaming orange or other brilliant colors. The late afternoon one was fun because at that earlier time of day (around 5pm right now) the water is so jewel toned and deep and there were just a few clouds rolling through, the sun was to my back. Ah -what fun.


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