Thursday, May 14, 2009

Redon redo.Lydia Host daily painting a day 11x14

Today I just wanted to relax and play, so I found two paintings that I wanted to try; O. Redon painting of 'A girl with Flowers'. from 1900. I loved the smeary dreamy quality of the paint, also it was so simple and so appealing. I have no real knowledge of Redon, and so am going to look him up. The other is a Degas, which was fun in its circular composition. I love his color and he also has a sort of active surface that is appealing. I think this original is actually a pastel, its called
'The Tub" 1886. When I do this its different than when I am painting from life or my idea, in that it is pure action with no thought, or sweet 'right brain' exercise that makes me feel so relaxed, like a massage.

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