Thursday, October 8, 2009

Home grown. Lydia Host daily painting a day 8x8

Home grown peppers are so pretty, they are always tempting to paint, usually its a big pile which becomes complicated, so this time it was nice to have a manageable amount. I didn't feel overwhelmed.
We have a new puppy,he has been around for about a month. He is the most strangely destructive dog I've ever encountered (well, owned)...the total so far is thus: rung of chair (that was made in the coal camps of West Virgina), Back door ( about four square inches), 40 dollar gallon of paint (spilled thankfully in my studio/concrete floor), corner of my big expensive easel, tube of fancy new 'golden glow' paint and tube of yellow zinc paint (it was old and dry at least) I called poison control about it....he apparently will be no worse for wear. ( he did have a bath in Murphy's oil soap to get orange glow off). And of course countless empty water bottles, rawhide chews, Kong toys and stuffed animals!
I think I understand why his last owner dropped him off without a collar to run loose in the streets! (not that I am considering

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conroy hudlow said...

had a poodle that ate a tube of ivory blackonce and the black out put lasted a couple od days.