Monday, October 12, 2009

Truth Beauty Knowledge. Lydia Host 11x14

This was a painting that I started for the show at the library...but didn't finish in time. I love symbolism in paintings, and even though I don't usually make that a priority, it is something I'd like to explore a little bit. One of my favorite paintings that is filled with symbolism is the 'The Annunciation ' By the Master of Flemalle (Robert Campin?) it is the center panel of the Merode Altar piece. It is positively filled with symbolism from the shape of the kettle hanging in the background representing the womb, to the lilies on the table representing the purity of Mary...almost every item in the painting represents something! Fascinating. Lydia. pomegranate; Fertility, abundance. Roses of this color; love,gaiety. Lemons; longevity and friendship.

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Jan W said...

Lovely! I like the symbolism, too.