Friday, November 13, 2009

shrimpers. Lydia Host daily painting a day painting 8x8

Today was a fun plein air day. There were three of started out a little chilly but became quite fabulously warm and it was a sparklingly clear day. Joanne Brandt painted a little dingy up on props that was charming somehow, the painting was equally as charming! Conroy Hudlow, is a regular at the figure drawing classes- his work is quite amazing, but it was his first foray out into the plein air he just sketched ( well it looked more like a finished drawing to me). Click on their names to see their blogs. I wanted to paint shrimp boats and these two were parked together... I am not exaggerating the color of the nets on the boat on the right...bright green. Anyway I liked that there was a real modern fishing boat just visible on the left...not as picturesque as the old ones....better start painting these old guys fast! Hope you have a great weekend. Lydia

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Joanne Brandt said...

Your really did capture the essence of the shrimp boats and the beautiful day here.