Thursday, September 10, 2009

figure drawing. Lydia Host daily painting

I have had a little one with a cold and then a gallon of house paint spilled (by a new puppy) in my studio today inhibiting my painting progress. I went to figure drawing last night, and it was really fun, the above watercolor is from the last session, it fell out of my watercolor block, and the very top drawings are from the warm-up poses from last night. We do five two minute poses at the beginning of each class to loosen up, and some times they are the best of the night~!


conroy hudlow said...

you are the most positive person I know. and that's a good thing!

Lydia said...

Thanks Conroy! I try. I loved that drawing w/ me in the background!
I was thinking about how much I like your women drawings...they have a saucy/ tough attitude.