Thursday, May 6, 2010


I feel funny writing on this's been so long. I have been busy finishing up my classes this semester, which really took a lot focus and energy for me this time. I wanted to share this piece with you. I had to give a presentation in my Art history class that related to one of the artists that we have studied, as well as to our individual studies and careers. The artists that we have been learning about are Feminine artists who make art that challenges the patriarchal society that we live in, and is sometimes, well most times, not 'pretty'! I really responded to many of these artists, such as Marina Abromovitz, Ann Hamilton, Cindy Shermam,but style wise I felt that Kiki Smith could really work for me, so I chose her. So I stewed over how I would interpret her. In my ceramics class we were assigned the task of interpreting a 'famous' 2D work in clay. Well I think I overheard someone planning to do the 'Birth of Venus' , because I am not sure how I came up with it and another girl in ceramics made a shell that was inspired from same. I didn't go back and look at the painting.....its so famous, surely I know what it looks like in my mind..I just started making Venus and her shell...and .....what else? Well I thought she probably had admirers so as I was making one...her head just wouldn't work...and it became a fish head...SO Kiki Smith...ah Ha! My Venus was just refusing to be young and pretty, which worked to my advantage after all, because this is 'the Winter of Venus'....not so young and pretty anymore, and doesn't really care! her admirer that is part fish also has a fishy tail. Venus was plucked from the sea in Botticelli's painting by Zephyr and some other goddess, in my version...maybe they are going back. It definitely has something to do with beauty and aging...of that I am pretty sure. Wow...Long post! Thank you for sticking it out. Lydia

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