Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last Class. Lydia Host daily painting.

Today was the last class for my beginning Oil painting class, and we met at the Battleship Pavillion, so that they could have a little Plein Aire' was great! (extremely windy...but great). Above are some shots of this great group, with their first ever lanscape from life! Joan E. Whitespunner-Dixon also joined us, which was inspiring and fun for everyone. I have had such a wonderful time teaching this class, and it is totally because of the fabulous people that I have gotten to know. It is good to paint with a group, it gives some perspective on your own work, and when it's a good mix of people, as this group is, everyone sort of bounces off of each other in the best of ways. Thanks 301 !


Gagan's Blog said...

good work lady :::)))

Anonymous said...

Ho God, that beautiful place and beautiful paintings too.I'm sorry for my english, I'm still learning.Congratulations for your blog.