Friday, February 12, 2010

Courage. lydia host daily painting a day

Sometimes I have to indulge myself and paint a face that appeals to me. This is Cynthia again, the cool River guide. It photographed weird, but still looks kind of interesting so I'm leaving it for now. Yesterday I had a 'theme day', this happens occasionally and I love it when I actually notice. Last week I went to a gallery opening at Springhill College for Clayton Colvin, who is a really interesting and good artist (show is still there-worth a trip), in his talk he mentioned that sometimes he feels as though a painting really gets resolved when he is able to paint out something that though he likes, doesn't really enhance the piece. I was relating this idea to my painting class yesterday, and my friend and currently my student, Laura said; " oh, that happens in writing too, its called 'killing your darling", like when you love a sentence, but it does nothing for the story!" "Killing your darling". This idea came up again later in my ceramics class that I am taking... in clay you really have to be able to kill your darlings, because many times they kill themselves by blowing up in the kiln or glaze mishaps. I am sure that this idea is universally applicable, if you can think of any examples, let me know...just curious....really curious. Happy weekend to you. Lydia

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