Monday, February 15, 2010

heads up. lydia host daily

At a party this weekend, someone asked me if I were working in clay again....which I am, sort of. Well anyway her point was that she wanted one of these heads for her sisters birthday. So I asked if she wanted male or female...female, so they came out male for some contrary reason. I will try again tomorrow! I used to make these and sell them with a group of women clay/potters called "The Dirty Girls". It was a fun group spearheaded by Vikki Finch and Bertice Mcpherson. Vikki is currently using her super powers to inspire lucky students at a local private school. Bertice is also teaching at a local university and from her studio, and also making her art, click on her name and check out her site, she is amazing, and a great person to boot. About ten years ago the three of us went to Mississippi for a pyro-mania festival, and they had exhibits were we got to make glass beads, and a molded smelted metal piece, I remember being so totally impressed with what both of these gals came up with on the fly artistically speaking. True artist'e.

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