Monday, July 19, 2010

ceramic cup party. Lydia Host

I have been working with clay since 10th grade...I love it. My husband Jon and I pulled out the wheel a couple of weekends ago, and made some mugs. Jon has worked with clay a short time and is SO much more adept at making things on the wheel than I am that its almost astounding! I think some personalities are just better at the wheel than others....for instance if you are impatient and not a perfectionist...the wheel is not for you. The above mugs are all Jon's except for the two in the foreground, which are mine...check out that terrible handle....I mean the cup is actually nice so why didn't I just wait and get a better handle shape? Impatience. It still holds a mean cup of coffee. :) Anyway, it was fun to play with the wheel again a little bit, and I hope that Jon will keep throwing things because he is really good...and if you need a mug let me know! Lydia
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Marie said...

Lovely, Put me down for 2 of those specialty mugs. I am collecting mugs as I go...nothing I'm up to about 4...which I need more if I care about company :)

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