Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tea timez 3. Lydia Host

The third time is sometimes the charm...but she chose number two! I thought this one was a bit calmer than the first, but not as calm as the second. The mugs are some of Jon's. I liked the addition of a cookie, and its empty paper. The ritual of having a cup of tea is so pleasing, in an aesthetic way that it makes a lovely thing to paint. Today on face book, a girl that I don't really know very well posted about how she was feeling so happy sitting in her house at that moment; the light, the temperature, her music and food...and I knew just how she felt. Its like it all hits you at once, a snapshot of a happy time in 3-D real time! I remember my first Fall season in this house that way...carving pumpkins, Beck playing, the light was so glowing throughout my house I just about swooned! I love moments like that, and I hope you get to feel like that yourself ...at least every once in a while. Lydia
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