Friday, July 9, 2010

thursday figure. Lydia Host

There is a figure drawing group on every other Thursday morning at Space 301 that just started...and yesterday was the first day. We are a small group, and so we decided that we were in the mood to draw a few longer poses, rather than more for a shorter time...ended up with four 25 min poses.(one of mine is on back side). It was such a nice morning. My friend, and fabulous artist, Conroy Hudlow, loaned me some paper today, and I loved was either printmaking paper,or cover paper (?). Anyway it took watercolor in a different way than paper that I usually use, and it made my morning just that much more of a fun exploration! I need more of this paper. Hope you have a great weekend, I am taking a stoneware tile carving class from the very talented, Val Webb all day Saturday, and am excited about it.

If you live in the Mobile area, tonight is the fifth anniversary of Art it possible? Yes! I think its going to be a fun night with lots of good openings; Paper Wasp = Wanda Sullivan, Joann Cox, and Mark Davis. MAC= Painted dresses & belly dancing. Wellborn Ideas= Micheal Mastro (sp) photography. Space 301 = SALSA a regional juried show, with lots of artists ...yours truly included. I think they are having five kinds of different music in the square night to get out in our downtown that has come so far! Have you noticed that there are always flowers around the light posts these days? Looking spry!

Enjoy the weekend... whatever your plans.

Best Lydia

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