Tuesday, August 11, 2009

True love is good for you!

I love beans! Give me beans in a chili, or a burrito, or on a tostada any day and I am happy. I love hot sauce as well....add a little to whatever it is I'm eating...magic! I just read an article about how both things are surprisingly good for you, which is awesome news. Now if only there is an article out there about how ice cream is actually good for you, I'd be feeling pretty healthy.
What is it that you love to eat? (is this a thinly veiled prompt for painting subjects?).


Jan said...

Hi, Lydia!

We've never met but I do enjoy your blog. I like this painting also. It is not exactly the usual still life-a little different.

Hummm....things to eat and paint? Breakfast, my favorite meal! I bought a painting by a local Mobile artist that even has a mistake in it ( so I was told). I call it "Ode to Breakfast"! If a guest arrives, we can play, "Can you spot the error?" Maybe you get a better breakfast if you win. HA

Keep up the good work. : )


Jami Buck said...

I've been on a granola kick lately.
Abstract cereal?!
Love the painting, and the beans.

Lydia said...

Okay- the idea of breakfast is something that I haven't explored!
Jan,I am going today to switch some paintings out of a shop, and I think the chewy life is still there...will let you know tomorrow.

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