Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yellow apple. Lydia Host daily painting a day 6x6

Trying something a little different in terms of paint medium. I have mixed my own, but somehow I am inconsistent with my batches and so I started buying pre-mixed from a fancy hand made art supply company, but that got too expensive, so I found a nice inexpensive (because why should it be expensive ? all of the ingredients are fairly cheap) medium ....and I like it! I will give names tomorrow, because I left it in my studio and can't remember. cheers, L


Anonymous said...

Really like the shadow/reflection. And I would love to paint my kitchen in the background color; robin's egg blueish.

Kathryn Farrington

Lydia said...

Thanks Kathryn, I took a little spot of an egg shell to the paint store for my dining room! It turned out a little darker than I had envisioned, but I felt so clever at the time! The perfect blue is HARD to find.:)